Anonymous asked:

What kind of girls are your type? Would you prefer a girl that's more of a guy or a girly girl?

thatonebl0nde answered:

I mean I’m gay for a reason, so I definitely don’t want a girl that’s going to act like a guy. I prefer women over girls. The kind with their heads on their shoulders. I like women with strong goals & promising actions to achieve them. I like women that know what they want in life & know what they want out of it. I’m not around to just have sex & leave, I’m around for commitment, dedication, memories & all of the above. One that wants to travel with me for my job & take on new experiences with me. One to love & that will love me back. One that sticks around through the hard shit because I know whoever I end up with will be well taken care of. Most of all, I want one 100%; bad sides, good sides, bitchy sides & all. That’s what it’s about. The good and bad. The love & all of the above.




Kissing is so underrated sometimes. 

When two people lust over each other immensely and kiss, it’s one of the sexiest things ever. I seriously love it. When she grinds against me hard to feel my between her legs. When I kiss her neck and hear her let out a moan in my ear followed by a “oh fuckk”. Grabbing her ass as she bites my lip followed by my hand in her hair, pulling it to bite her neck.

Damn, I miss kissing.

Oh. 😳